Friday Flub—Coaster and Coaster Holder

Friday Flub—Coaster and Coaster Holder In wood working, it rarely goes as planned. It’s rarely straight-forward. The flub can sometimes be fixed, but often we need to scrap it and start completely over. This is a story about a flub that flopped. Here are the basics: We needed to make a coaster and coaster holder. The Dreaded Wood Worker needed to get me some wood blanks, and I needed to cut and shape them on our CNC Router—our Shapeoko. Sounds…

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Tazboards custom cutting board for Heather B

The Grind

By Evelyn Helminen I’ve always wanted to own my own business. You might say it runs in the family. Similar to how a singer might have a child who is a singer, or a doctor’s child might become a doctor, or… you get the point. It seems that whatever your parents are, that is the easiest thing to “become.” It’s what you see and experience and learn about the most as you grow up, so more often than not, you’ll…

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Taz Boards on the Road

The End

It seems weird to start our story of TAZ Boards with the dismantling of our wood shop, but the end of one thing is always the beginning of another. Since the next story hasn’t quite begun yet, we may as well start at the end of the last one.

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