The People in the Wood Shop

Tudo Azul is run by TJ & EV. We are life partners living in the DMV who have figured out a way to combine our talents and interests in woodworking and pyrography into a dynamic combination—personalized handcrafted quality products custom-made to order.

The Meaning of Tudo Azul

Oi.  Como Vai?!

You might be asking yourself, “What does Tudo Azul mean, and why should I buy a board from this company?” The literal translation of our company name is “everything is blue” in Brasilian Portuguese which loosely means “everything is cool.”   When someone in Brasil says, “Oi! Como Vai?” your response could be, “Tudo Azul.” TJ heard this saying quite often during the 6 months that he lived in Brasil. So, he decided to use that name for the business because it reminds him of Brasil—colorful, free and filled with expression!

Why Choose Tudo Azul?

Started in 2016, Tudo Azul Custom Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks and Serving Trays is a small veteran owned business that began when TJ made his first cutting board for his mom. After posting the picture on social media he immediately received requests for cutting boards that same day. He bought EV a pyrography pen for Christmas, and she started wood burning the boards he made, which gave them that extra touch that people fell even more in love with.

You should buy from Tudo Azul because everything is hand picked, and hand crafted with love.  We use the finest quality wood from the most reputable dealers in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, which are sourced locally (US), and are imported from Africa and South America. All woods have a Janka hardness rating of 900 or better, which means that they will last a lifetime as long as the proper care is given. Specifically, we use Jatoba, Tiger Wood, American Cherry, African Mahogany, Yellowheart, Walnut, Purpleheart, Padauk, Sapele, Jarrah and Hard Maple.

When making our cutting boards, it fills us with tremendous joy knowing that the buyer will be using something that we made to feed the people that they love and care for. There is no greater satisfaction for us other than knowing that while you are preparing your holiday, birthday or special occasion meals you will be doing so with something that we hand-made for you. To ensure this, we never make the same board twice and promise the board that we make for you will be a one-of-a-kind Tazboard.

In closing, we’d like to say thank you for choosing Tudo Azul…You will not be disappointed.


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