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MY GOODNESS!!! I’ve seen ALOT of cutting boards in my day, but NONE quite as BEAUTIFUL as THIS. I took a chance and ordered this handmade beauty from @tazboards and I’m now BLOWN AWAY!!! We had the OPPORTUNITY to message, then speak over the phone. He asked me what wanted and I said…”Yo, do YOUR THING, just MAKE SURE it’s UNIQUE and DURABLE.” THIS is BEYOND what I expected. It’s ART. Holla at @tazboards

Cutting Board by Tudo Azul

Heather B.

Hip Hop Icon and Radio Personality from The Happy Hour with Heather B and co-host of Sway In The Morning

My cutting board is not only beautiful with its natural grain and coloring, but the personalization makes it feel special enough to pass down to a younger generation in my family. In a practical manner, the board has weight and heft. The rubber feet keep the board from sliding on the counter when cutting. It’s also just gorgeous to use for displaying food.

Carla Hall's Cutting Board Review of TAZ Boards

Carla Hall

Television personality and former cohost on The Chew

Love this beautiful amazing wooden board… Extremely well made…hand crafted. Rich and luxuriously styled, not only do I use it in a utilitarian way…preparing foods or as a serving tray but as an eye grabbing artistic object of art in my sitting room. I highly recommend you select this board for yourself or a friend. I am so in love with mine…use it all the time!

Tazboards Testimonial by Alexander Smalls

Alexander Smalls

James Beard Award Winning Chef, Restaurateur, TopChef Judge
Quality functional art for Your kitchen and home
Cutting boards, butcher blocks, serving trays, wine display boards, and more
Tudo Azul Custom Wooden Cutting Boards, Butcher Blocks, and Serving Trays

Custom Cutting Boards & Butcher Blocks

Hand-crafted from a variety of natural hard woods, these cutting boards and butcher blocks are both functional and stunning. Choose your woods, your size, your grain style, and personalization so your board is exactly how YOU want. Place your custom order for a Tazboard here »

Valentine's Day Love Handle Board by Tazboards

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The Saunas and Dreadlocs” Creative Corner online store has serving boards, charcuterie boards, and cheese boards, as well as earrings, wooden spoons, and other one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, inspiring, and culture-related items for your home. Shop the Saunas and Dreadlocs Creative Corner »

Custom cutting board pyrography by Tazboardspyro

Custom Pyrography and Laser Engraving

Custom pyrography (wood burning) is done by hand by Evelyn, or professionally designed and then mass-produced on our laser engraver. Have your logo, name, picture, or a special design wood burned onto your order to make it completely personalized to you. See pyrography gallery »

Soul Food Serving Tray from Tazboards

Tazboards Collectors Items

The Tazboards collectors items are a collection of uniquely designed cutting boards and serving trays. Truly heirlooms, these boards will definitely be conversation starters at your next party or BBQ, because they encompass several different aspects of 1960’s and 1970’s African American Culture, as well as other designs that are equally stunning and functional. Collect them all »

Professional pyrography and engraving Services
(New) Laser engraving also available!


CNC Engraving

Alexander Smalls Engraving on Custom Cutting Board by Tazboards

Laser Engraving

Wood Varieties
Sustainably and ethically sourced domestic and exotic hard woods
The Taz Team
The Dreaded Woodworker Tudo Azul Tazboards


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